Introduced applications about Titanium Nitride Nanopowder 10-20nm

Crystal cell: amorphous
Color: White
Some applications about Titanium Nitride Nanopowder 10-20nm:
1) Titanium Nitride Nanopowder 10-20nm devices:
For example, in metallurgical, petroleum & chemical industry, mechanical industry, aeronautics and space industry and energy source fields etc., the following devices can be manufactured from this powder: balls and rollers of roll bearings, slide bearings, covers, valves,turbine, cutting tool, insulation part, spray nozzles (for rockets), spray pipe (for missiles), strengthening materials for Al alloys and other structural devices with high wear resistance, anti-high temperature and anti-corrosion.
2) Titanium Nitride Nanopowder 10-20nm coating on metal and other materials
For example, it may be formed a nano coating on moulds, cutting tools, blades of steam-turbines, rotors of turbines and internal wall of cylinders etc.. Clear anti-scratch coating for cell phone or cars.