[Products Name]          Vasopressin
[Molecular Formula]        C43H67N15O12S2
[CAS No.]        9034-50-8
[Product Description] 
Arginine vasopressin (AVP), also known as vasopressin, argipressin or antidiuretic hormone (ADH), is a hormone found in most mammals, including humans.
Vasopressin is a peptide hormone.It is derived from a preprohormone precursor that is synthesized in the hypothalamus and stored in vesicles at the posterior pituitary. Most of it is stored in the posterior pituitary to be released into the blood stream; however, some of it is also released directly into the brain.
1.Purity (HPLC)                                      98%min.
2.Appearance                                    White powder
3.Single Impurity (HPLC)                     1.0%max
4.Amino Acid Composition                  ±10% of theoretical
5. Peptide Content (N%)                       ≥80.0%
6. Water Content (Karl Fischer)           ≤6.0%
7. Acetate Content (HPIC)                     ≤15.0%
8. MS (ESI)                                            Consistent
9. Mass Balance                                 95.0~105.0%

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