Interactions of Thymopentin

Item Name:     Thymopentin
[Molecular Formula:    C30H49N9O9
CAS No.:    69558-55-0
Thymopentin is an immunostimulant.It interacts with T cells.It is a thymic polypeptide
Properties of Thymopentin:
Appearance: White powder 
Specific Optical Rotation (c=2, H2O) :-16.0~-20.0° 
PH: 7.0~9.0 
Water Content(K.F.) :≤5.0% 
Acetate Content(By HPLC) :≤0.2% 
Amino Acid Composition: ±10% of theoretical 
Purity(By HPLC) :≥98.5% 
Single Impurity(By HPLC) :≤1.0% 
Assay(By Anhydrous) :≥98.0% 
It named according to the INN (international non-patented drugs) principle: Thymopentin 5, referred to as TP-5, the Chinese name translated Thymopentin. Of thymopentin can induce and promote T cell differentiation and maturation, and enhance the generation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells of γ-interferon, the most obvious regulatory role on immune function, bidirectional immunomodulatory functions.
Interactions of Thymopentin:
 (1) This product is used in combination with a number of commonly used drugs, including interferon, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, hormones, analgesics, antihypertensive drugs, diuretics, treatment of cardiovascular disease drugs, central nervous systemdrugs, contraceptives, without any interference phenomenon.
(2) of this product in combination with interferon, a synergistic effect to improve immune function.